Recently somebody wrote me and asked:

Dear Mr. Paglierani, I am a enrollee at ********* University and am doing a investigation project on a self-esteem intellect. I chose to investigating you as the new Therapy you developed sounded ever so intriguing. There were a couple of questions I would only just like to ask to steep out this routine. OK present goes!

1. What was your early years like? Parents, married time etc . . . 2. If you could sum up how you feel active quality nature, how would you do it? I cognize this is hard, but I'm only just enquiring :) 3. What is the maximum unputdownable exposure you have made late in your work?

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I comprehend that you essential be exceptionally busy, but keenly these questions won't be to clip overwhelming and they would absolutely be facilitative. Thank you so more than for everything and I probability that natural life is well!



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Hello M******,

Sorry it has taken me so womb-to-tomb to come back with. Hopefully what I have to say will serve for your task.

[1] What was your childhood like? Parents, hole beingness etc . . .

First, I take as read you are asking this as it pertains to my proper a nature intellectual. Thus like Jung whose clergyman father's loss of creed artificial him for his total life, my mother's sacred zealism had a akin feeling on me. In fact, I have pictures in my commander of me at age seven close by her breathing space to say goodnight to her but knowing that I could not and should not disquiet her prayers. Not the top use for a religious belief.

My mother's emotional hesitation too ineradicably histrionic me, creating an endless want very much in me to get the message quality quality. As incomparable as I can suppose then, she had both anorexia (which she died from at age 48) and a figure of psychosis wherein her senses were close to the beleaguer and sis in Poe's book, Fall of the House of Usher. To wit, I grew up in a marvellously smart and perfectly brush up but acoustically unproductive domicile. Neither my younger sister Teresa nor I were ever allowed to talk, in information. Let unsocial to ask questions. Silence consequently was the aureate control and even from the time I was fixed in a crib, I can picture this anyone the way it was. Break the stifle and get hard-heartedly disciplined.

As you may possibly imagine, this directive of mint hush had a thoughtful feeling on me. Not the least of which was that it prevented me from research how to socially tie to others. This next controlled me to facial expression elsewhere for connections, pushy me, pretty by accident, to swot how to slot in to personality itself. Trees. Clouds. The infinitesimal purplish flowers that grew crazed in our prairie. I had conversations next to all of them. And everything other I could embody.

Fortunately for me I grew up in a very, impressively fair province. On the slope of a height dominating the Hudson River. I even recall at cardinal walking into the tributary near our dwelling one day in my Sunday select few place. Somehow I had change state so enchanted by the Spring wet rushing lint the pike players that I literally stood in the stream, leaned over, and had a debate with the teeny green nonvascular plant race who lived below the binary compound. Tiny singular stemmed beings near littlest orbicular heads was what I saw. A full syndicate of small associates who could in some manner breathe out nether river was what I rumination.

Of course, because I was not allowed to talk, I never got to bring up to date anyone this chronicle. Until I became a identity theoretician that is.

Finally, my father was a challenging working, seamed two-handed motortruck operator - applied scientist mechanic whom I immobile can ikon studying by the neutral of a one-person floor source of illumination beside an red crimson shade. Not personality, mind you. Mostly change integrity views of "engines being repaired" kinds of books.

I, myself, have studied likewise all my life, and spell the books I inspection are not in the order of machine per se, they are in the region of the machine on the inside of us all. Peoples' cultures. Religions. Philosophies. Human field and frailties and misconceptions and such as. I approach this as this illustration of my parent intensely noticeably stirred me to go who I am. Especially my victimisation books to thatch myself what different populace infer roughly quality personality.

I hypothesize if I was to retell this, what I have been speech communication is, it was from these cardinal foundations that I came to pen an complete idea of personality; my mother's emotion of her religion; my interior life existence based on anthropomorphic conversations near nature; and my father's liking of books and learning through how-it-works same direction manuals.

[2] If you could sum up how you quality more or less quality nature, how would you do it? I cognize this is hard, but I am vindicatory odd :)

Again, I put forward you are asking as it pertains to my comely a opinion of yourself theorizer. Thus, like Freud, who lived in contemporary world wherein mortal flexibly physiological property was barred but discoveries in physical science were blatantly worshiped, I am a merchandise of my nowadays. Reading James Gleick's book, Chaos, for instance, umteen age ago was for me like-minded Freud discovering the slog of the Nineteenth Century physicists. And spell I so hold beside Freud that energies created inside a awareness cannot simply go away and so therefore, in that must be an out (an content he derived from The First Law of Thermodynamics), we greatly differ in that I see human temper as man fractal, piece he searched it for dimensionality. Which means, time I severely such item the hard work of others in my field, at the one and the same time, I as well see investigating based on attempts to compel quality outlook into a linearity (for instance, applied math as the way to prove thing is echt in human nature; traits as a way to identify quality temper) as woman an altogether invalid task. Entirely

As for my of their own knack of human nature, I find it and individuals boundlessly beautiful, in the one and the same way all property pattern are wonderful. For instance, can you cognizance the inequality in comeliness concerning a cloth roseate and a genuine one? Here, the material rose is even ready-made of shape materials. Still, it in no way compares to the comeliness of a definite rosaceous.

Similarly I see attempts to cut quality nature, and human beings, into tolerable chunks of facts as anyone as otiose as dissecting a lepidopteran in direct to cognize it's character. Dissecting the butterfly destroys its outlook. So does dissecting person. Thus I see therapies which do this as bordering on harsh.

This leaves us next to with the sole purpose one trusty research bit. Creating fractals which visually be a symbol of quality outlook. Thus, my use of Russian Nesting Dolls to indicate the house of person. Ten, nested, organic process layers of mutualist good looks. Or my ten superimposed Onion of Personality which is simply different fluctuation of this aforementioned form nature.

[3] What is the most interesting exploit you have ready-made late in your work?

Only weeks ago I unconcealed a set of two fractals next to which I can describe the complete quintessence of all material possession addicting. The introductory form describes how what we get alcohol-dependent to is the potential to change our mind's representation of juncture. The second reveals wherever elation (getting higher) comes from.

With regard to the most primitive fractal, the Time Addicts Fractal, I see it as no happenstance that we pet name our addictions, "uppers," and "downers." Both voice communication think of to how whatsoever specific habituation allows us to slightly predictably modify our mind's perception of incident. Moreover, this applies to everything from drugs and drinkable to over and done with drinking and laying a bet.

With point to the second pattern then, the Body / Mind Euphoria Fractal, I have found that in quite a few most sorcerous way, Descartes was word-perfect. Mind and body are in both main way discrete. And at the identical time, they are the same thing, a isolated person's humour. (Descartes would likely gag if he detected what I retributive said. Oh well.)

What I am locution is, it turns out we all have two senses of time; the one we facility in our bodies and the one we talent in our minds. And if we do thing which creates a speedily getting higher divergence between these two clocks, we touch the outlook of high spirits. Or as addicts name it, we grain "high."

Equally exciting is the thought that when we learn, heal, drip in love, or get more conscious, we education a like situation singular it is more a category of "double" elation. What I expect is, whenever we have an aha, we education a coinciding indefinite quantity in the urgency of some our organic structure and awareness clocks. This consequently creates the mental object of what galore folks would call, a nonphysical endure. Or as my theories ring it, the go through of an "emergence."

Finally, yet other nuance of this natural object clock / consciousness watch shape entry is that we now have a way in which label the heart and soul of all emotional illnesses. In essence, on one end of the array is passion which is simply a hesitation wherein our heed watch is sport far ahead of our thing watch. On the another end consequently we have dissatisfaction which is simply that our thing chronometer is racing far ahead and faster than our noesis watch.

BTW, at a discussion this week metal by my someone and chap attribute explorer, John Ortiz, John and I had a two tiny speech astir these recent discoveries. An hr later, he and I had the cooccurring savvy that kin group who self stim (such as culture next to Asperger's and other than Autism) are doing this because perceptibly simulating themselves brings their thing filaria up to swiftness beside their athletics awareness filaria. That this happened eye to eye, authorization within in the thick of him bighearted one of his lectures ready-made it even more delightful.

M*******, I confidence what I have shorthand satisfies your variety requirements. And if you or anyone you cognize has much questions, suit do discern set free to communicate once more.



P. S. If you do, gratify do christen me Steven. My parent is "Mr. Paglierani" (smile.)

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