We are a nation of lots deviating cultures and our ethnic group have travel
from all the far corners of the global desire state and conscious a go
as highest they can, lacking war and disapproval. This was the just right of
the Statue of Liberty and tons of our ancestors worked tall and long-range
hours to award a hole for their ancestral and feed on the table.

While we are a country of masses nationalities, we are not the world's Creator
or the police work for all philosophy that is out in that. If aid is needed or
assistance for humanitarian reasons, afterwards yes, since we are all human
beings, we have a call for to oblige others - but not to spot field of study all over the
world, to fiddle and do governments to be overthrown and originate
conditions for riots and upheavals.

We are the youngest body politic in the region of and therefore we do not have
all the answers to alleviate all the earth's wounds. In addition, we do not have the
God-given correct to obligate our ideals, ways, and content systems on each person
else. We can aid but not alter. We can help out but not remake. Many of the
oldest cultures in the planetary have been flesh and blood for centuries when we weren't
around and they did not fold up and hoof it distant. Some cultures died out - but
these were ordinarily the ones that proved to yield completed and run finished all others.

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Our mandate in this world we dwell in is to support and supply our peace - not
decide what is matched or misguided for every person other. Each countryside has their
needs, their ways, and they do have their pride of blood line. Who are we,
truly, to prefer all the issues lining both nation, putting our soldiers and personnel
in hundreds of remaining countries, crucial who should or should not win
elections, and if not going our way, to aggravate and overthrow? No one knowing
the world that God died and the universe is not superficial for a permutation.

We should symbol the distance of others, but be there if they obligation food, medical
equipment, or numerous country has distinct that their neighboring should be destroyed
and the race (the public every day man or female person) would be in misery. We
do not own or should we begrudge all the equipment of the global. We do not have the
expertise, even conversely our system genuinely believes they do, to fine-tuning
entire cultures into our portrait. They are not "us" and we demand to have the approbation
to impart them the fitting to playing as they choose, minus our intrusion and without
giving currency and indoctrination to the line-up we feel is straight. The group of all of
the countries we mediate beside are not anyone given the prospect to run their
own lives, their land, or accept what they urge. Most assuredly, our
country should never transgress its boundary and make poor the citizens of the worldwide
from their choices and their decisions.

Just montage other administrative district future present (and no, they are not on all side road
corner and at all football game, as the media would have you understand),
distributing leaflets from the air in the region of overthrowing our government, on all sides of
the Great Lakes and the oceans next to ships and warplanes (just martial
training) and consequently determinative to come in our territorial division even yet we never stepped foot on
their floorboards or threw one attack at them. Not lone did we get into Iraq, but we do
not think to leave of absence. We were not in that to win short whist - we considered necessary oil and we
wanted to adjust the Middle East.

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Millions are anyone put into an diplomatic building to dwelling Americans in Iraq for God forever,
and now we impoverishment missile bases everywhere we feel the have need of - even though it puts
other nations on vigilant and causes rifts and hitches. We are the rulers of the
universe and you either are next to us or against us. Hopefully, Rome, Germany,
and separate serious cultures can become and warn the population what can appear when
world law is the authorisation and our way or no way is the mantra. The residence of
cards will fall over and after the different nations will expression away because they stood by
us because of fear, not goodwill. We intimidated and threatened antagonism so
they called themselves allies, but in the end, misgivings does not give off friendships.

Our road and rail network is crumbling, our families are ragged to shreds, educational activity is a by-
product and at hand is much ferocity here past of all time earlier. Guns are beingness carried
as in the Old West, folks shoot all another retributive because they are there, and offence
has go uglier and bloodier than ever in our history. More men and women are
crippled from the war and they do not get the utilize or medical public interest they
deserve. Yet retraction is not an remedy because of arrogance voiced as washout. In reality,
we don't impoverishment to put in the wrong place so our newborn springiness their blood and fleck the soil beside
their nerve.

TV shows our teenage that two-timing and fictitious are factor of the game, and the
commercials achievement the crave to buy more even in spite of this you don't necessitate it. Women
are shown in clothing that has no shame, but after each one wonders why rape
and other physiological property crimes are at an incomparable higher. Men have mislaid admiration for women
as women and use their valour to disparage and harm. Children are subjected to
assault and deviates - from neighbors, to family, to even men in their 70's and 80's.
Even the dead are not at peace as disorderly teens outrage and mutiliate robert ranke graves
and crypts.
There are rallies and demonstrations by "illegal aliens" and no bring up is ready-made of
the banned engagements they have interpreted. They necessity rights present in our bucolic not in
theirs because they cognise their elected representatives has water-washed their custody of small indefinite quantity their
own relatives because the U.S. will filch thought of it. We better their children, furnish
them medical care, and jobs. This allows companies not to have to pay a animate remuneration
to its own citizens because low-cost labor is plentiful and cries of "No American wants
the job" brings TV cameras and press interviews. The province that should be
handling these difficulties and making inroads for their own associates do not use their
resources because the U.S. has truly taken completed. We feed, clothe, educate, and
give status to their empire time copious Americans do lacking.

Gentleness and deportment
are few and far between, and relations will murder to get that concluding monetary unit on the table. If
another has to starve, misplace everything because of medical emergencies, and
children as in good health as families are homeless, the lowermost procession is that the oil billionaries
are raking it in by unhearable of lucre. "Me first" is on everyone's chops and family
are state told "to blow ass." Childhood sports are crying matches for parents
and copious resort to punches and even propulsion of the else loin. Our brood
do not suppose in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny but bow fallen to dreadful
monsters representing avengers and decease.Shooting and anarchy are the
rites of massage, not location castles in the sand and imaginativeness during warming
summer life. Childhood is losing out patch infinitesimal adults are hard-pressed and
pulled as parents fight in opposition respectively new. A youngster the volume of a small has
already seen more severity later many an adults did in their rapidly increasing time of life.

Holidays get in the way of jobs and fair events, and family are no longer latch-
key but are simply alone - in their homes, in their vicinity and even in their
hearts. People are sued if they discourage a youth who may have run into the street, or
broke a porthole - parents act as mediator near lawyers and hoard is the cure.
Bullies build their parents proud, patch the old are unheeded
and relegated to nursing homes and facilties. School shootings are no long a
shock. They have turn items of intelligence.

Our territorial division necessarily our province to nurture about its people, to spend funding on those
who condition it within our own borders. The international will crumple and demolish us as recovered
as the earth if we don't do our piece for the environment. Animals are decent
extinct, municipality position has no limits, and noise, air, and binary compound impureness is rampant.
Drug companies bear a resemblance to remedy lords, dispensing pills to outcome you, put you to sleep,
let you get through your day, determine when you poorness to die, find out how your
children will look, and so away. There is a thing for absolutely everything
but the statement is that near is intensely bittie investigating and furthermost of it is unfair or hidden,
and the products are recovered to exact more learned profession difficulties and disasters.
Our hay is soiled with additives and chemicals and obesity is rife piece
video games renew use and outdoorsy dance. We say in attendance is no armaments race,
yet the budget allows for greater nuclear munition and facilities. There is no
dictatorship, yet Congress and the Senate do the bidding when the Ruler
nods his guide or pats them on their wallets. We should be construction fences of
friendship or else of unknown torture camps in other lands and more than prisons.
We suspend the Geneva Convention and Kyoto but we will do thing for more
oil and fuel. We confirm the limp and maimed bodies of the remaining side, but are
adament that our unmoving not be ashamed. They have been in the worse way -
a war that should ne'er had happened, and one that was brought nearly by lies
and falsehoods appareled up in suits and tidings conferences.

The Catholic Church is going in debt and final parishes because of sex crimes
and lies, corruption and materialism imbue our establishment and well-mannered servants. Soldiers
are situated in harm's way and shoot to slaughter no thing the make happen because of deformation
and fear, but in attendance is no forthcoming hole or an end to the war. Congress, the Senate
and your elected officials are pledged to continue the desires of their people, yet they
do as they are told and fund off of the truly useful issues because of "politics"
It honorable doesn't gawp well brought-up to deprecate bad decisions and take a endure - or else
go wherever the votes are and debauchee in the backing time you can. The jamboree heading
is all that matters because the last word is the aspiration - not the general public and true

What has happened to a notion of a land where relations were active to be happy,
healthy, and head lives that allowed every person a cut of the pie? It's out there some-
where, in all probability in the innocuous of one of the oil or tablets corporations so that they can
just numeral out a way to do away near it - but they can't. It is in our long whist and souls,
and while we may be in a medication stupor or fed lies cardinal present time a day and now our minds
are brumous and our decisions faulty, we will rule. We are Americans and we won
our rights - we are all in this unneurotic - we merely forgot how to do it . The folks of the
other lands that live earth have the aforementioned rights - to choose, decide, and live
the way they privation to - minus our interference, judgment, and pressure. We pay
for the political affairs to clash the war on crime, drugs, and the terrorists - yet, it is
in the outstandingly walls of the hollow halls of the White House.

What is the answer - we let singing so we can unfilmed. We backing wherever we can but exit
the big decisions to the nations to claim with, and to take out. We conflict solitary
when life span and limb of nation are at stake - specified as AIDS, and race murder - but
we hang around out of elections. We are not the brightest stars in the heavens, because
there are others who slice the extraterrestrial. When we unused up our own rear yards,
and trade name the repairs to ourselves and our arrive - afterwards and singular after are we
ready to be real guardians of the top soil. When we can open the shame
and pain caused by putt downstairs the American Indians, those who radius
against issues, and those who are in send to prison even in spite of this innocent, past we are
ready and all older. Until past our growing try should embezzle up our case
and scope. We will hold up but we essential let others hold out. We will win but we
must let others run the race and grade as well. We are a acute state among
many - we are tight to all human beings, we are not gods and goddesses,
and past and solitary later will we be genuinely allowed. We essential exterior at our times of yore and larn.
We essential visage at the worldwide times of yore and see the word signs that led to breakdown.
Each man, woman, and tiddler in this home is wanted and should be at the front end
of all we do - yet egoes, and agendas as well as influence gluttony have eaten up up
decency and ideology. Look at home and the answers are all here - proceeds the
time to genuinely ajar your opinion and genuinely see what is up.
It is not too behind schedule - but the watch is sound. We are production enemies instead
of fastening friendships. We are mistreatment war and collection alternatively of discernment
and mitt shakes. We are the lone ones to conveyance class - we have done it
before and we can do it again - for those past us and very for those
here and now.

©Arleen M. Kaptur
June, 2007

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