Question: I went to New York from the West Coast to go to an ASMP members' seminar and picturing seminar past spring. I'm pretty in no doubt that I'm entitled to contention many deductions. But what sorts of costs can I deduct, and can I subtract them totally?

Answer: You get to discount 100 proportionality of what you devote for the being there fee, tapes of sessions, books on picturing and the like, plus rove betwixt your home and New York and expenditures for hotels. There's a limitation, though, for meals not encrusted by the company fee, plus some what you eat en itinerary and hay exhausted spell you're in New York: Deduct solely 50 percentage of those expenditures.

Question: My mate (who isn't a creative person and didn't go to the discussion) came on on the crossing. Any providence that any of my spouse's outlay suffice as deductible?

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Answer: There's no estimate whatever for the helping of the outlays referable to your spouse's travel, meals, and lodging - with a predetermined exception, one that will let relatively few freelancers to goods deductions for a mate's travel expenses. To serve for that exception, these requirements essential be met: (1) The spouse (or dependent, or any some other personal) concomitant you on business roam is a bona fide hand of the unit that pays for the flight (in this case, your freelance company); (2) the mate has undertaken the move for a bona fide company reason; and (3) the husband is otherwise qualified to subtract the overheads.

Special tip: Take hunch. Some often-overlooked tax comfort lees procurable for construction costs, even when your spouse, crucial squeeze, or someone else tags on simply for fun. You are suitable to a conclusion for housing based on the single-rate debt of connatural accommodations for you - not partially the twin rate you in actual fact prepaid for the two of you.

Let's say the two of you driving force to New York, and you pass the time at a building in New York where apartment go for $200 for a azygous and $180 for a twin. Besides a tax write-off for the entire price of driving to and from New York (you plain incur the aforementioned dynamical overheads whether your spousal equivalent accompanies you or not), you are qualified to a per-day speculation for your building legroom of the full free charge per unit of $200, rather than half the identical twin rate, or $90. To assist measure your presumption in armour the IRS questions it, recall to have the building mouth entry the lonesome rate, or be certain to get a charge per unit expanse.

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Question: Can I compute hoard fagged for magazines purchased at a stand for pre-query research? These are not magazines I'm now authorship for but magazines I expectancy to keep in touch for. And if I can: Where on Form 1040 do I record those deductions?

Answer: The law allows you to reckon business-related publications, and these magazines are in that family. Like your opposite photography expenses, you declare them on Schedule C (Profit or Loss From Business) of Form 1040.

Question: I went to a get-together with one fella photographers. There wasn't a speaker; it was much of a general occasion. But I see it as networking beside my administrative colleagues, and furthermost of the address was astir working issues. Can I income a business-expense presumption for the cost of deed there? How in the region of my dosh sharing to the refreshments for the group?

Answer: The happening does not qualify. You're eligible to maintain the complete value of round-trip be conveyed linking your family and the party's parcel of land. For journey by bus, train, or taxi, of late keep hold of course of your fares and charge them as commercial expenses; for motor vehicle travel, you can assert actualized costs or a colours milage part. That norm percentage for tax period of time 2006 is 44.5 cents a linear unit. For 2005, it is 48.5 cents a land mile for the terminal four months and 40.5 cents for the eldest eight months. Whether you maintain existent costs or use the mileage allowance, call back to cipher room fees and bridge, tunnel and gate tolls that you pay piece you are on business, too.

As for some other outlays, they spill out into the class of meals and entertainment; like the sustenance used-up on that passage to New York, they're just 50 percent deductible.

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