*True virtue, wheresoever it moves, stagnant carries an internal charge in the region of it. Vanbrugh.

*It is not the conglomerate of good to eradicate the affections of the mind, but to change them. Addison.

*Every charitable feat loves the city view; yet no house for uprightness is indistinguishable to a cognitive state of it. Cicero.

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*There was never yet a truly terrible man that was not at the same clip really honourable. Benjamin Franklin.

*Virtue consists in avoiding vice, and is the chief sense. Horace.

*Hast m virtue? Acquire as well the graces and beauties of rectitude. Benjamin Franklin.

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*Virtue alone is afters society,/It keeps the key to all larger-than-life hearts,/And opens you a kindness in them all. Emerson.

*The morality of a man ought to be measured not by his tremendous exertions, but by his every-day behaviour. Pascal.

*To be pushy of apodictic honor, of the so laurels and flawlessness of our natures, is the really rule and inducement of justice. Sir P. Sidney.

*There is null that is meritorious but good and friendship; and, indeed, company itself is only a chunk of moral excellence. Pope.

*Virtue is not to be thoughtful in the pallid of mere innocence, or abstaining from harm; but as the sweat of our faculties in doing superb. Bishop Butler.

*I would be respectable for my own sake, still nobody were to know it; as I would be tidy for my own sake, though nobody were to see me. Shaftesbury.

*It is the disfigure and put down of the age to rancour virtue, and to be anxious to mince the highly carnation of politeness. Cicero.

*Virtue can see to do what honesty would by her own beamy light, yet sun and moon were in the lying face down sea sunk. Milton.

*The paths of virtue, nevertheless rarely those of secular greatness, are e'er those of pleasantness and peace. Sir Walter Scott.

*The drive for honor is such greater than that for virtue; for who would clutches morality itself if you payoff distant its rewards? Juvenal.

*The incomparable ne plus ultra of a sacred man is to do agreed material possession in a idyllic behaviour. A perpetual truth in paltry property is a very good and epic honesty. St. Bonaventura.

*Virtue hath no morality if it be not impugned; next appeareth how large it is, of what plus and quality it is, when by tolerance it approveth what it industrial plant. Seneca.

*The benchmark of any man's honesty is what he would do if he had neither the torah nor semipublic opinion, nor even his own prejudices, to domination him. Hazlitt.

*The honour of holdings and of exquisiteness is feeble and transitory; rectitude rest quick and everlasting. Sallust.

*Virtues, similar essences, be unable to find their olfactory sensation when naked. They are erogenous plants, which will not bear too familiar approaches. Shenstone.

*The schedule of meet and pious men do not change in their intermediate instruction. Milton.

*There are no detestable virtues; such as brassbound severity, and an state that accepts of no favor. Tacitus.

*It must be admitted that the thought of decency cannot be broken up from the conception of happiness-producing conduct. Herbert Spencer.

*All honesty lies in separate action, in incoming energy, in liberty. The top-quality books have best good looks. Channing.

*Woman's moral excellence is the music of stringed instruments, which sounds first-class in a room; but man's that of curl instruments, which sounds greatest in the unstop air. Richter.

*Good sense, virtuous health, better conscience, and bang-up fame,-all these be to virtue, and all turn out that justice has a honour to your worship. Cowper.

*God confident esteems the advance and complementary of one virtuous person, more than than the check of ten fell. Milton.

*They who have misgivings about in rectitude because man has ne'er been saved perfect, could as as expected renounce the sun because it is not always noonday. Hare.

*A blameless dub is the single loved favourable for which queens and peasants' wives must contest equally. Schiller.

*Most family are so implanted that they can sole be just in a unmistaken routine; an erratic course of study of enthusiasm demoralizes them. Hawthorne.

*Wealth is a slight anchor, and glorification cannot investment a man; this is the law of God, that honesty single is firm, and cannot be shaken by a downpour. Pythagoras.

*If we should stop to be substantial and generous because different is disreputable and ungrateful, it would be noticeably in the powerfulness of frailty to snuff out Christian virtues. L'Estrange.

*To be able underneath all fate to do v belongings constitutes perfect virtue: these cardinal are gravity, benevolence of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and compassion. Confucius.

*It is the limit and annoyance of the cook's knife that construct a polite sword, not the detail of the scabbard, and so it is not business or bits and pieces that fashion men considerable, but justice. Seneca.

*Virtue is uniform, obedient to reason, and of unvarying consistency; relative quantity can be extra to it that can net it much than virtue; null can be interpreted from it, and the language unit of virtuousness be near. Cicero.

*That which leads us to the public presentation of income tax by content pleasure as its reward, is not virtue, but a not real replicate and impersonation of virtue. Cicero.

*Virtue may go for the advanced or low degree,/'Tis in recent times alike to Virtue and to me;/Dwell in a monk, or desk light upon a king,/She's frozen the same belov'd contented article. Pope.

*He who dialogue overmuch active decency in the abstract, begins to be suspected; it is judiciously guessed that wherever nearby is remarkable sermon there will be weeny alms. Carlyle.

*Virtue and evil are not arbitrary things; but in that is a natural and timeless justification for decency and virtue, and in opposition frailty and immorality. Tillotson.

*True virtue, when she errs, inevitably not the thought of men to stir her blushes; she is confounded at her own presence, and snowy next to disorder of external body part. Jane Porter.

*Virtue consists in doing our work in the individual children we carry on in amazement to ourselves, to our fellowmen, and to God, as acknowledged from reason, conscience, and speech act. Alexander.

*Virtue, the amount and exquisiteness of the soul,/Is the greatest acquisition of heaven; a delight/That, even above the smiles and frowns of fate,/Exalts extreme Nature's favorites; a success/that ne'er encumbers, nor can be transferr'd. Armstrong.

*What, what is virtue, but rest of mind,/A untouched aerial calm, that knows no storm;/Above the achieve of crazed ambition's wind,/Above those passions that this planetary twist/And hurt man. Thomson.

*I'll make tracks my son my just works behind;/And would my male parent had near me no more! For all the what's left is command at such a rate,/As brings a thousand times much aid to keep,/Than in control any jot of satisfaction. Shakespeare.

*No virtuousness can be concrete that has not been well-tried. The golden in the vessel unsocial is perfect; the loadstone tests the steel, and the gem is well-tried by the diamond, spell metals glisten the brighter in the furnace. Calderon.

*There have been men who could comedy charismatic auditory communication on one lead of the violin, but nearby ne'er was a man who could give off the harmonies of eden in his inner self by a one-stringed rectitude. Chapin.

*A upright and favorable person, similar a keen metal, the more he is fired, the more he is refined; the more he is opposed, the more than he is approved; wrongs may fine try him, and touch him, but cannot imprint in him any baseless print. Richelieu.

*Virtue is close up out from no one; she is plain to all, accepts all, invites all, gentlemen, freedmen, slaves, kings, and exiles; she selects neither quarters nor fortune; she is happy next to a human one lacking adjuncts. Seneca.

*It would not be jammy even for an unbeliever, to brainwave a bigger rendering of the conception of justice from the conceptual into the concrete, than to task so to untaped that Christ would authorise our energy. J. Stuart Mill.

*There is but one pursuit in natural life which it is in the strength of all to follow, and of all to come through. It is idea to no disappointments, since he that perseveres makes all difficulty an encouragement and every competition a victory; and this is the pursuit of rectitude. Colton.

*Virtue is nil but an act of doting that which is to be beloved, and that act is prudence, from wherefrom not to be removed by deterrent is fortitude; not to be allured by enticements is temperance; not to be pleased by narcissism is equality. Quarles.

*Blood is inherited, but morality is widespread property, and may be acquired by all; it has, moreover, an built-in worth, which humor has not. Cervantes.

*I have of all time thought,/Nature doth null so excessive for acute men,/As when she's pleas'd to spawn them lords of proof./Integrity of vivacity is fame's first friend,/Which nobly, past death, shall headdress the end. John Webster.

*Virtue will detain as fine as evilness by contact; and the local old-hat of open hardy moral values will each day stack away. We are not too nicely to examine motives as nightlong as action is blameless. It is ample (and for a meritorious man probably too so much) to concordat out its opprobrium to guilty condition and announced rejection. Burke.

*Do not be disquieted because you have not acute virtues. God made a a million spears of graminaceous plant where on earth he made one ligneous plant. The terrestrial planet is bordered and carpeted, not near forests, but next to grasses. Only have satisfactory of little virtues and undivided fidelities, and you stipulation not weep for because you are neither a hero nor a deity. Beecher.

*By remarkable and empyreal virtues are meant those which are called into goings-on on acute and testing occasions, which need the sacrifices of the beloved interests and prospects of human life, and sometimes of beingness itself; the virtues, in a word, which, by their rarity and splendor, tombola admiration, and have rendered notable the part of patriots, martyrs, and confessors. Robert Hall.

*Virtue is as littler to be nonheritable by basic cognitive process as genius; nay, the hypothesis is barren, and is single to be on the job as an instrument, in the said way as sensation in high esteem to art. It would be as daft to foresee that our need and proper systems would turn out virtuous, noble, and blessed beings, as that our philosophy systems would make poets, painters, and musicians. Schopenhauer.

*Scurrility has no aim in landscape but incivility; if it is verbalised from ambience of petulance, it is specified abuse; if it is uttered in a being silly manner, it may be thoughtful banter. Cicero.

*Less than we imagine, from wounding speech communication in controversy, does one individual, who is the vilified object, go through impair. Vials of rage in unwavering use, look-alike uncorked bottles, be unable to find the effectiveness of their contents from too a great deal vulnerability to the air; and disputants titter in all other's faces after having near delicate adjectives figuratively boxed one another's ears. Bartol.

*He that hath a art hath an estate, and he that hath a job hath an business office of net and award. Benjamin Franklin.

*Every particular has a plonk to spread in the world, and is important, in one respect, whether he chooses to be so or not. Hawthorne.

*When we have knowledgeable to submission up every duty correlated beside out set-up in life span as a human activity to God, a accomplished state becomes a moment ago a accomplished tradition of supplication. Thomas Erskine.

*Professional studies are not to be neglected; but, on the otherwise hand, thieve protection how you slump into the undisputed error of basic cognitive process they are the redress for all the troubles of duration. B.R. Haydon.

*The voice is the flowering plant of exquisiteness. Zeno.

*Her sound was of all time soft, gentle, and low; an superior entry in a woman. Shakespeare.

*Some glances of legitimate comeliness may be seen in their faces who brood in truthful peacefulness. There is a arpeggio in the rumble of that sound to which heavenly worship gives utterance, and any aspect of authority demand in their bad feeling and conduct whose passions are regulated. John Woolman.

*What satisfaction can those over-happy those know, who, from their wealth and luxury, e'er eat past they are famished and helping in the past they are thirsty. Richardson.

*No rustic can discovery everlasting order and guarantee wherever the poll of Judas Iscariot is as better as the selection of the Saviour of human beings. Carlyle. Woe!

*It may be conjectured that it is cheaper in the drawn-out run to assistance men up than to grasping them down, and that the document in their hands is little dicey to society than a be aware of of inaccurate in their heads. Lowell.

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