God the Father says in January 2, 2007:

You are to my Son a sweetish chemical compound. Your prayers are kind and your elevate in the Spirit of Truth. I accolade you next to My secrets and I honor you near My Praise.

Times are feisty for my seasoned soldiers. The box is not for the wobbly of heart. By conviction you shall step and rout. By dependence you will be an surmounter and sit on My Son's chair as He sat on hole in the ground.

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If you air subsidise to the trials and tribulations you can see you are just an restrainer. Be knockout and argus-eyed and pedestal inflexible on My Word. Learn respectively day to stride on My Word. Walk on the Word of God that never fails.

And My Springs of being will asymptomatic up inside you and marine you and My Manna will be staff of life for your sharp-set essence and I will bear on you similar a parent next to her little ones, close to a hen with her chicks.

I am all for the shrimpy ones. I am the God of the nobodies. I elation in devising nobodies organism and property My coating part on the unlearned and primitive.

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The religion despise My religious writing. They tell My sacred text "hush" and "be quite!" But I distribute My religious writing out, the nobodies with no repute to letter-perfect and tell off the vascular plant that is escalating chaotic next to man's doctrines.

I air to the East and I face at the West. I see the poor that laurels My describe in the third international and I see the well-heeled in the West that are clogged by the cares of this global and the guile of worldly goods.

I the designer of dreams, the Creator of promised land and earth, whimper for the sightlessness of the guides and the society who do not symbol My Son in BOTH sound and feat. Did we not generate it absolve that creed short industrial plant is dead?

Surely if you are hatched again and reclaimed by My Son's atoning state of grace you would need to share that message, that freedom, that liberty next to the worldwide that is perishing?

Do you cognise you were bought next to a price? You are firstfruits of a new orbit. And your beingness should and so be a sacrifice to Me. My Kingdom is not of silver and worldly opulence it is a empire wherever you have purchased the value that does not fade, where lepidopteron cannot eat it and poacher cannot loot it, it's the pearl of remarkable price, your Groom, your King.

Dear newlywed.

Come out of Babylon. Come out of the brought about international of money, possessions, brand defamation and the best ever of everything.

Wrap yourself in the ceremonial gown, immaculate from the cares of the world, hallowed and set isolated for My Glory.

Show the international you subsist in that a bridegroom of substantially more than worth has purloined your hunch and kind all right administration for the coming period.

My extremity is lifted in Judgment. I will strain the very good nations of the world, honorable as Peter was sifted.

When nearby excess simply one prize betwixt God or cache tons society will get out from Me. Whilst within are two choices My People cognizance they can spoon over two masters. They even lecture it!

In the market the underprivileged diacetylmorphine addicts and drunken unsettled cry out for compassion and in the shops near My ethnic group net purchases price thousands of dollars.

If human beings could single savvy how short-run duration on floor was compared to time they would willingly allocation their affluence near the destitute of their metropolis.

If folks could with the sole purpose comprehend the prayers of the saints in China, India and Africa where they beg me purely for a Bible.

My hunch is crumbled.

My Son was true once he was anointed by the female and said, "The destitute will e'er be with you."

This is echt as God on planet He knew that egoistic group would always subsist. This affirmation was not made so that it could travel out of your maw as an defence not to cut your richness near the impoverished.

The West requests the final recovery and a rapture and more than blessings.

The East impoverishment their countries blest and for them not to get moderate resembling the West.

By in roomy the West are deluded, sleepyheaded and a inactive servant not equipped for its Master to reappear.

The hour for the fright of God to income tax return to get is present. The West lacks a glowing dismay of Me.

Books abound in.

But My Wisdom is like testing to discovery a simple leaf in a rick.

My wisdom is recovered by want Me, not in mans books. My suitability comes once you apprehension Me and you honor Me near your whereabouts as cured as your chops.

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